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This story is true. I used no names, just in case. There is another account, as I have some other lady I met at a social networking site caught. I met a woman from St. Albans in the social aspect ' Badoo ', and despite being at opposite ends of the country, which seemed to click very fast. When I told him I traveled frequently to London to see my dad suggested a meeting for lunch and then ' see how it would ' in front of me to say very quietly, it was a puma and enjoyed sex with younger men ! She is 60 years and I am 50th Good, good ! I was not about an opportunity like this can go through a lot when I was in London, his e- mail and we exchanged phone numbers so we can arrange a date was set for Friday of my visit. We did a couple of talks on the phone filthdump and found the well, had a sexy voice, I enjoyed the same things in life, and we had no problems to discuss things. arrived Friday and I got the train from St. Albans and It in the cafeteria of the season. It looked a little older than in his photos, but not enough to make a difference, but dressed very well, which is a modest amount of cleavage and a skirt to the knees. We said hello and talked a bit while finishing his coffee before going to the pub he had chosen to go to lunch. She told me in one of our telephone conversations that he liked the smart way, so I put a tie and bought a bouquet of flowers. I 'm glad I did when I was very moved. I also thank my offer my arm around her as we went for lunch. When we arrived at the pub, I bought filthdump a couple of drinks and we have our food and from then until we finished we were talking about our past and our families and had been traveling in time and go very quickly. After lunch, I asked if they had a dessert, he refused, so I asked if I wanted a cup of coffee would. 'Pub Coffee is not always nice. ' She said, again suggesting that tor apartment for some chancing my arm. He agreed to this, so I decided to continue and walked the short distance to the block where he lived. all this time I wondered how things would turn out. We were always very well together, and I feel like it, but I would not too early to take a step, despite its previous ' Cougar ' comments, if I crossed the line, as there was no payment of any kind, suggesting the advance payments or to comment, because we met. But it was my suggestion goes back to her without hesitation stated above, I thought I could still interesting ! So we got to his apartment, which is very beautiful, she walks into the kitchen to make coffee and I sit on the couch. She enters and sits beside me and we talked more, until we finished our drinks, and she asks if I want another. I say yes, then we have another drink. All the time I wondered what will happen to me. She is a very sexy, and she is happy, sitting at my side with my arm around herso I decide to make my own train. When he finished his drink she still holding his cup, which led, put on the table before us, leaned over and kissed her lips. Well, it was make or break. It would 'stop' or react? I was in the direction of a slap or a bear? N When our lips met gasped a little and made ​​fun of my lips and tongue with it. I put my hands on her shoulders as she stroked his neck and not before my hand to the upper chest above her cleavage. He stopped to kiss me, so I moved my hand to her knee and stroked her leg up and above the thighs of her panties. I withdrew my hand to her chest could, the lustful little moan that I slipped my hands on top and it was easier to see, I kiss and nibble nipples caused. This led her to be very excited panting and moaning as she stroked her little hard nipples and squeezed her breasts go to work. Aoh a few minutes of this are the words I've always been waiting for: ' We go to the room,' So, here's your big beautiful bed and pull yourself from one another as I caressed her breasts and her pussy at every opportunity to rub before bed and her breasts to work again, this time teasing her clit, I like to do this. She writhed and moaned with pleasure, so down on her, to break with my mouth on hers and sliding two fingers into her wet pussy. She gives a little shake his head when filthdump asked if I use a condom to me, so I kneel between his legs I ask my tip position, and my long slide easily into her wet, hot and slippery pussy . When I pushed her hips moving to meet me, so I maximum penetration, and stroke my cock into her as hard and as fast as I can start. She gets really excited and now pre orgasmic color begins in the chest and neck and spread to her face as she dug her visits climax, her thighs gripping my waist and nails inot my shoulders and back. I take a break from pushing, pay attention to her breasts again in my hands rolling and pinching her nipples. She likes the way they handle their pinching then shake gently and keep your hands to shake her tits. The combination of her boobs moving toward the filthdump nipple and pull it to the brink of another orgasm and I start pushing again. 'Coming to me,' she says, as my push to get filthdump faster and faster and she filthdump moans and money as my cum rising and soon I will shoot my load deep in her pussy, before going to bed with her , kissed her on the bed and and she plays with the cum oozes rubbing the clitoris and shame. We both are in this so soon filthdump after they are exhausted, it takes me to the bathroom and a shower before returning to the room with a restorative cup of tea. It is strange that not talk about filthdump sex, but of their neighbors and friends. After half an hour to start kissing again, hands sCake walk and it's back to the room of Part 2 filthdump ! Normally I 'm much more slowly a second time, after all, I have 25 more, and Double -Take is not always on the cards, but as I said before, this is a sexy woman and a relatively short time later certainly less than 10 minutes ahd two orgasms and deposited a second load filthdump of cum in her nice tight pussy. at this time is 9 and we fuck off, for example in everything, for more than six hours, so I'm better now. I wonder filthdump if he asked me to stay, but she did not ask and I was not filthdump invited, dress, kiss and leave. is very hard to stay awake the train, but I must because I do not want to miss my stop and I did not stay for long time t when I'm with my dad. I had a good day, an incredible fuzz and the possibility of a repeat the next time I'm in the London area, filthdump
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